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nMusic was launched in 2010 as part of Diligence Capital SGPS SA to do what was thought as impossible at the time: to find a creative solution for digital content distribution, able to please all consumers, partners and music agents.

In 2011, Pathena SGPS SA joined nMusic as an investor and became one of the greatest partners of the company.

Through a revolutionary and unique multi-platform system (that allows users to listen to synchronized music on computer, mobile phone, tablet and television) nMusic provides a catalog of millions of songs. On the bus, at home, at the office, music is available all the time, anywhere and with no annoying advertising associated. And anywhere can account for everywhere!

With the option to save music on an offline mode, you can listen to music literally on the other side of the world! In addition, you also benefit from free monthly downloads to use, for instance, as your personal ringtone.

"N" from our corporate name nMusic stands for the extremely large amount of organized music you can listen per day. No advertising. No memory size occupation on your computer disc. No more cables between devices. Just Music.

nMusic's mission is based on a triple axis: listening – sharing- living.


Contradicting other cultural habits like Cinema or Literature, audio consumption rates are increasing all over the world mainly because of the recent technology burst that allows ease of access to these kinds of contents. With an audience acknowledged and comfortable with computers, mobile phones and other telecommunications devices, the market demands for a wide, diverse but organized supply.


Sharing has always been the best way to discover new music. Not so long ago, we were exchanging cassette tapes and CDs. However, nowadays things are much evolved and simpler. nMusic has worked on a service that allows us to share music through social networks and most importantly, to listen to the most respected music consultants we all have, our friends.


Music has the ability to provide experiences beyond a simple hearing. It creates relationships, establishes affinities, contributes to our social integration within a community and undoubtedly to our personal education. nMusic narrows down bonding and challenges us to build editorial contents through collaborative Playlists allowing all to contribute and to learn more about Music.

The gigantic music library that you have always dreamt about is waiting for you!
The revolution starts here.

Digital Distribution

nMusic has a digital distribution service that works closely with the major à la carte stores, streaming services (Portugal and worldwide) and mobile operators. Content is distributed and promoted with no cost towards the artists and is simultaneously worked on to give the best visibility through campaigns above the line and other commercial and marketing plans.

nMusic SA, @StartUp Lisboa
Rua da Prata 80, 5º Esq
1100-420 Lisboa, Portugal

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